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There are so many details that go into planning your special day, you are bound to have a lot of questions. We hope this Frequently Asked Questions page can help with some of your planning. Please contact us if you’d like more information about a subject.

When will I have access to the property for decorating and preparations?2015-07-13T12:33:30+00:00

Our rental fee includes non-exclusive use of the property beginning at 8 AM on the day before your scheduled event.

How many people can the ceremony and reception barns hold?2016-10-13T15:01:41+00:00

Our ceremony and reception barns will each hold 300 individuals comfortably.

Are the chandeliers included in the rental?2015-07-13T12:26:17+00:00

Yes, we have crystal chandeliers in our ceremony and reception barns. Our reception barn also includes mini-white light strands.

Do you have any décor/props available for use?2015-07-13T12:21:38+00:00

Yes. Your rental fee includes the use of a ceremony cross, stage, pews, burlap drapes and muslin curtains, as well as, antique cars and trucks that can be used as a back drop. We have old doors, mantels, seating and various antiques that can be used during your event.

Is there heat or air conditioning?2015-07-13T12:14:35+00:00

Our ceremony barn is not heated or cooled at this time. Our reception barn, car museum and restrooms are heated and cooled.

Do you have restrooms for the event?2015-07-13T12:11:44+00:00

Yes we do. We have ladies and men’s restrooms each containing three stalls. We also have a unisex handicap restroom.

Is there a kitchen and/or bar area provided?2015-07-13T12:08:15+00:00

Yes, we have a full preparation kitchen and full size bar area in our reception barn.

Do we need to rent tables and chairs for the ceremony or reception?2016-10-13T15:01:43+00:00

No. We provide thirty-five round tables that seat eight, three hundred white folding chairs, four whiskey barrel high-top tables and four white rectangular resin tables in our reception barn. We also provide thirty-two pews for seating in our ceremony barn.

May we have alcohol during our reception/event?2015-07-13T11:55:25+00:00

Yes, please call our event specialist for license requirements and details.

Can we use a caterer of our choice?2015-07-13T11:47:29+00:00

Yes, you may use a caterer of your choice that has a catering license.

Can we have a DJ?2015-07-13T11:43:54+00:00


Can we have a rehearsal dinner the night prior to ceremony?2016-10-13T15:01:43+00:00

Yes. We will set up round tables and white folding chairs in our car museum facility which will include basic clean up service. This service is available for an additional fee.

Is there plenty of parking?2015-07-13T10:54:14+00:00

We have paved, gravel and grass parking areas. We include one parking attendant as part of our facility rental fee.

Do you offer lodging?2015-07-13T11:41:53+00:00

Yes. We currently have four 1 BDRM/1 BA with sitting room queen cabin suites and three queen single bedrooms that share common areas. Lodging is available for an additional fee.